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Our Team

Darsh Thakker

Darsh is a producer dedicated to the advancement of underrepresented creators, particularly South Asians. Originally from Orange County, he left California to study film producing at Columbia College Chicago, where he earned his BFA. Darsh has developed experience in physical production working on shows for HBO, Comedy Central, and Apple, and NBC.

Avi Zephyra

Avi Zephyra is a forward-thinking filmmaker, producer, and founder, interested in the exploration of difficult themes through high concept genres like fantasy and horror. Since graduating with a BFA in Producing from Columbia College Chicago, he has worked on a variety of films, television, and commercials for Netflix, Disney, and Peacock.

Cameron Burrill
VP of Production

Cameron began his career as an actor and performer but soon made the decision to expand his horizons by pursuing an MBA from Northwestern University. Now an experienced producer and creator, Cameron has worked with brands such as The Coca-Cola Company, Pernod Ricard, and Nestle. Cameron‘s vision for Chaotic Neutral Studios is to produce captivating content that challenges conventional norms and resonates with diverse audiences worldwide.